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Monday, November 06, 2006

This week: Pay-It-Forward; Ship graveyard on 60 minutes; Gettys-Blog


It's "Be nice to people week"

1) In Bangledesh or Bhutan, they run ships aground to junk them and harvest their metal for construction materials. It was featured on 60 Minutes.

2) Idea for a travel book based on a civil war route: "The Gettys-blog"

[My articles are usually very rough since I force myself to "post first and then ask questions later.". If I put something up raw it motivates me to fix it instead of never posting it at all out of hesitation (like wikipedia). Get it up and then we'll get it right in Rev 2.0. - I should find a way of keeping the chaff on a separate page so that the main page becomes the "best of" pate -Mark]
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