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Friday, November 03, 2006

Driving the "Prisoner of War, Missing in Action" Highway in PA

Nice sentiment, bad name. I'd prefer to name it for a single POW/MIA or the Unknown Soldier Highay, POW highway would work too, but not "Missing in Action Highway"

Also, Burger King has announced the "FryPod," a french fry container designed for your car's drink holder. [It gave me a laugh]

Just passed Dr Maulfair's, another unfortunate name

Crystal Cave is also in the area, we need to come back one day to see it.

7 PM: We're now in Virginville, PA.

5PM: We're on Route 222: justed passed Premise Maid chocolates, what a bad name.

[Sent via BlackBerry] Anyone know about the wifi-based Blackberry? or the Blackberry keyboard?

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