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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

LizzyBoo the Carpenter

Our cat LizzyBoo (>>) is helping with the renovations at the Cape; drop me a line if you'd like the details.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

You can publish your blog from now. I just tried it.

Here's our "rip-off of the week": The Wine Enhancer

Replacing the case on your Blackberry

This article describes how to replace the case on your blackberry, it was very interesting to see how the insides are assembled.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Maps of America and the World

This is a great map to set as your desktop: It gets
updated with the Sun's position, objects in orbit and natural disasters.

More cat videos: Expensive cat toy, daring leap.

Blogging the Bible

An interesting read:

Today's Anniversaries

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Terminator $200k

Samsung has a new Terminator model:

Unfortunately, this may not be a joke.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Video; Random Questions

<< Checkout this video, it's hilarious!

Anyone know how to: Steer google adwords to specific sites? Get pay per view of video news. Pay per view for old books.

Anyone going to see Denis Leary at Avery Fisher Hall?
Did you know that The Who's Pete Townsend is a reference in the OED.
"Betting on layaway is just a bad idea. " -Mark

This week: Pay-It-Forward; Ship graveyard on 60 minutes; Gettys-Blog


It's "Be nice to people week"

1) In Bangledesh or Bhutan, they run ships aground to junk them and harvest their metal for construction materials. It was featured on 60 Minutes.

2) Idea for a travel book based on a civil war route: "The Gettys-blog"

[My articles are usually very rough since I force myself to "post first and then ask questions later.". If I put something up raw it motivates me to fix it instead of never posting it at all out of hesitation (like wikipedia). Get it up and then we'll get it right in Rev 2.0. - I should find a way of keeping the chaff on a separate page so that the main page becomes the "best of" pate -Mark]
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Random questions

Can anyone recommend someone to change out our printer cartridge 1x per week.

Is anyone hiring for IT operations, both hi-levels and mid-level?

1) Anyone have a graphic family tree of the Christian religions?

2) Songs: "Free ride" vs "slow ride"?

3) Study shows 69% of data involves sexual innuendo;

4) How to save flv files from IE cache.

5) Can anyone suggest good civil war tours/hikes?
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Bunny letter opener

other videos: disk drop, disk drive, cats

Friday, November 03, 2006

Driving the "Prisoner of War, Missing in Action" Highway in PA

Nice sentiment, bad name. I'd prefer to name it for a single POW/MIA or the Unknown Soldier Highay, POW highway would work too, but not "Missing in Action Highway"

Also, Burger King has announced the "FryPod," a french fry container designed for your car's drink holder. [It gave me a laugh]

Just passed Dr Maulfair's, another unfortunate name

Crystal Cave is also in the area, we need to come back one day to see it.

7 PM: We're now in Virginville, PA.

5PM: We're on Route 222: justed passed Premise Maid chocolates, what a bad name.

[Sent via BlackBerry] Anyone know about the wifi-based Blackberry? or the Blackberry keyboard?