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Friday, October 19, 2007

FYE: Power Strip Space Saver Price: $2.99 & USB squid

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"As a gadgets junkie, you surely know about those big ugly AC adapters
that power just about all your electronics. You also know that those AC
adapters can be pretty annoying when trying to connect more than two or
three into a single power strip. Outlets get blocked and you end up
needing three or four power strips to connect all your devices. Is this
any way for a geek to live? We think not. The Power Strip Space Saver,
from Philips, is the perfect accessory for power strips that don't have
enough space to fit all your bulky AC adapters. Each flexible 7"
extension cord can easily accommodate the AC adapter and the pass
through outlet will still give you access to the power strip outlet.
Problem solved, gadgets happy."

USB Squid:

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