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Monday, March 31, 2003

Swopped ASCII

I received a newsgroup posting in Australlian swopped ASCII, it was fun to decode it:

Message: 5
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 13:12:33 -0000
From: "oo1pouep"
Subject: swopdoms

'uoos pass*d aq `mou qnd umop ,u!ddod *

((-: 'uep

¿ wexa esuaw e ssed I p!p I moH
'e!qoydouaX 'sa!waua papaauun - us!zeu pue ws!uo!Z

'hseaun pue sno!xue w,I 'papaau s! wopsiM `suo!u!dO 'ouunp I
(¿paeuaodqns) sans auO ¿adop e ysnq s! ¿uew paq e weppes sI
- auo ppo ue moN

('adou ¿a!zzne ue ays sI) 'epun umop `zo u! s! s!s hw se umop ap!sdn
op I
[II)SV paddoms u!] z!nb e
- eh e,peaye heM

I 96 11 89 68 I
I 88 ?¿ 91 ¿? I
I 61 86 ?¿ 99 I
I 19 98 66 81 I

Way ahead'a ya -
a quiz [in swopped ASCII]
I do upside down as my sis is in oz, down unda. (Is she an auzzie?

Now an odd one -
Is saddam a bad man? is bush a dope? One sues (subpoenaed?)
Opinions, I dunno. Wisdom is needed. I'm anxious and uneasy.

Zionism and nazism - unneeded enemies. Xenophobia.

How did I pass a mensa exam ?

dan. :-))

* poppin' down pub now, be p*ssed soon.

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